It is almost time to step outside and enjoy some warm weather! Unfortunately, we still need to spend another couple of days suffering in the cold weather first. So while you are staying inside here are our top tips on freshening up your home for the spring and summer!

1. Repaint Dated Rooms

Do you have some rooms that have scratches, dings, and old paint? This is your perfect time to repaint your interior to improve the feel in your home. You can also hire a painter to come in a do the room before spring when it gets busy.

Using light grey’s and even whites are a great idea as they will brighten the room, and help improve your daily mood!

2. Minor Kitchen Updates

One of the best ways to bring the value of your home up, is to improve the kitchen. This doesn’t need to be a complete overhall either! You can simply add new quartz countertop, or repaint the cabinet. Even small repairs can go a long way to improving your kitchen.

3. Find Inspiration

You can easily search for some inspiration online through a variety of sites including pinterest, Google, Instagram just to name a few. This will give a better vision for where you can remodel your home towards. You can also hire local consultants to come in and show you some new ways you can bring your home.

4. Cut Energy Costs

This is one tip that every home owner should take a look at this year. There are tons of ways to cut your costs including adding led lights in, installing a smart thermostat and adding new insulation. The popular trends of adding smart home features are one great way you can use ai to improve your homes efficiency.

5. Improve Your Air Quality

We don’t normally think about pollution in terms of our homes but this is a very big concern we should be actively looking in to. One crucial way to improve air quality is to replace old carpet for laminate, vinyl or hardwood. These hard surface alternatives are easier to keep clean and will improve the quality of your homes air.