Real estate has seen a huge shift in the use of technology over the last 10 years. Gone are the days of using a fax machine, and manual signing. Realtors can now use a variety of tools from the smartphones and tablets to complete jobs at a faster rate. However it is even more important now than before to have a strong digital presence for your clients.

Digital Signing

It is easier now more than ever to have an offer signed, or a contract signed within minutes and it can all be done remotely. By using programs such as docusign you can now have contracts signed in minutes through a click of a link, and these programs even have apps that you can download to your smartphone! Century 21 Canada has paired with … so now all Century 21 realtors can use these tools completely free.

Online Presence

1 in 5 buyers are coming straight from the internet which is making your digital presence all more important for your sellers to get their home seen online. There are a variety of tools at a realtors disposal, from platforms like Back At You Media to Facebook Ads. Finding your online advertising strategy is crucial to ensuring your sellers find the buyer for their property.

Digital Presentations

One continuing trend is the use of portable computers and tablets for business. A growing percentage of realtors are using their tablets for listing presentations when they are with their prospective clients. These portable computers are not only extremely convenient, but they also let your clients know how you are confident with technology and understand how to market their homes through social media and the internet.

Personal Touch

Perhaps one of the biggest changes that will happen over the next two years with websites and social media is the shift for more personalized content. Audiences enjoy hearing a story and seeing a face to a company. So when you create a post about a house you just sold make sure to tell a little story and add pictures of your beautiful self.