The Online Landscape in 2018

In the younger days, businesses and entrepreneurs needed to solely strive for positive reputations through face-to-face contact and advertisements. Some say that it was easier back when there was no internet. There was not as much noise and other competitors out there like there is today.

In the digital age, there will come to be a few more tasks at hand to really get your business out there and keep a positive presence. To start, you must belong to at least one social media platform. The main websites include; Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. By creating pages on these platforms, you are starting an online presence. Once you start, you begin leaving a trail of your brand and are able to grow your business faster than ever before. In this blog, we will cover what to post and where, why reviews leave an impact to your business, and how to grow your SEO and findings on Google.


How to Use Facebook and Instagram


This platform is known to be used for news and articles. Every growing and large companies are on Facebook because it helps grow an important presence that communicates with their customers and prospects. In real estate, the majority will post about our new listings, open houses, and just solds, linking a page to their website so customers can view more details. Some will also post about articles relating to local news, so homebuyers are updated regularly. This can also help them decide if this is the best area to buy a home. Clients and businesses are able to comment, like, and share each post when necessary. Doing so will help grow a positive online presence.



This platform is more visualĀ and simple than Facebook. Instagram is widely used in real estate because of the visual appearance that will help show potential buyers the listings. The main posts are regarding new listings and open houses, showing the pictures of both the exterior and interior design of the home. This platform is great to attract more clients through attractive posts. Instagram is also a great platform to include pictures of the office staff and other fun events that you and your business is a part of.

Reviews Matter

Word of mouth was the biggest way to bring in new clients. This tactic is still prominent and important now; though there is much more communication that could potentially impact the business either positively or negatively. It can become challenging to control the word of mouth customers are saying through the internet. When someone writes a bad review, hundreds of people will know about it in minutes. It is important to stay on top of these reviews, so you can communicate effectively with the customer and to other prospects; keeping up with a good reputation. Reviews can be recommended to post on Facebook and Google by asking your clients to write one through your pages.

Search Engines

Now that you understand the basics of where and what to post, it is important to know some key terms that will help your page and online presence be at the top of recommendations.

Larger and more prominent agents and brokerages have a strong online presence. They get this far by updating their pages regularly with related content. If you are partnered with a brokerage or another type of company, it is also wise to include them in your biography and regular postings. This will help create a trustworthy and reliable perception to you and your brand and boost your page on Google. You may also want to ask your brokerage about any marketing material or promotion tactics they have. You can use these to your advantage by including them in your pages.

In addition, adding your name and what you do to your biography on the pages will also ignite interest with your clients and prospects. Including keywords such as; real estate, agent, your business or brokerage will boost your page. It is important to note to keep your posts and biography descriptive and relatable.