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Our Culture

Our mission is to empower and support all realtors. We do through providing world-class training, support, and marketing for all our realtors. 

Our realtors are constantly pushing to break new barriers. Currently, 60% of our realtors have raised their income last year, and 85% received rewards for their sales achievements in last year. 

Smarter. Bolder. Faster

Century 21 has always been the company that inspires and innovates realtors. Our focus has always been to stay on the bleeding edge of the industry and to remain the number 1 brokerage of choice. Having an experienced brand behind you not only is a great asset for realtors but it also a great source of marketing insights, and assistance. 

  • Century 21 Marketing Materials 100%
  • Business Development  95%
  • Free Personalized Website  85%
  • Marketing Support 90%
  • Agents Failure Rate 3%

Why Is Century21 The Industry Leader?


On-going Support


Brand Recognition


World Class Training


Online Marketing Tools

Your First Steps In Real Estate

Step 1: Initial Meeting

Together we will sit down and figure out your goals as a realtor, and help find a way to get  you there. 

Step 2: Developing Your Real Estate Plan

Our dedicated staff, brokers and marketing team will help you create your own personalized business plan for your specific needs

Step 3: Executing Your Plan

Our brokerage provides all our realtor’s on-going support and free marketing materials

Frequently Asked Questions


Real estate is a competitive industry, that gives great opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn high incomes with complete flexibility for how they schedule their work.

However, it is also often misunderstood by many new realtors. The realtors that don’t plan and execute well-rounded business plans often fail to ensure their success. Here are some often questions answered for you to understand real estate a little better.


How do I know I am the right fit for real estate?

Being a realtor is all about being self-driven. Since you determine your own success it is all about planning and execution. If you want to know if real estate is right for you come have a coffee, and find out if real estate is your next move. 

What does the average realtor earn?

The average full-time realtor earns between $70,000-$150,000 per year. How much you earn is entirely up to how dedicated you are to  growing your business. 

How do I get started in real estate?

To be a realtor you need to have a license. Starting the courses through OREA will be the first step in getting starting in real estate, and the greatest part is that you only need to pay for the course that you are currently enrolled in. 

While you are in the courses, we can meet with you and help find the perfect strategy for your first sales year. 

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Why Realtors Love Century 21 Infinity

You’re going to be welcomed, you’re going to be supported, you’re not going to be judged. There’s help every step of the way if you want. They helped me with my marketing, putting together a business plan, it’s a full package.

Dan Bromell

Sales Representative

When something pops up the best person to ask is someone with all the answers… And that’s Doug.

Trevor D'Ornellas

Sales Representative

Doug is available all of the time, and answers all of my calls… he’s just there for me.

Theresa Morgan

Sales Representative

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